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SA – SAFE Anchorage

SATPM - Saturday P.M.

SB - Safe Berth

SD (or SID) - Single Decker

SEAFREIGHT - Costs charged for transporting goods over the sea. This does not cover any haulage or loading/discharging costs but the sea transport only.

SELFD - Self Discharging

SF - Stowage factor. Cubic space occupied by one ton (2,240 lbs/1,000 kgs) of cargo.

SHINC - Sundays/Holidays Included

SHEX - Sundays/Holidays Excluded

SKIDS - Are bearers (timber or steel) positioned under cargo to enable fork lift handling at port, and for ease of rigging and lashing on board ship.

SL - Bale (capacity)

SOC - Shipper Owned Container

SOF - Statement Of Facts

SP - Safe Port

SRBL - Signing and Releasing Bill of Lading

SSHEX (or SATSHEX) - Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Excluded

SSHINC (or SATSHINC) - Saturdays, Sundays, Holidays Included

STABILITY - It is paramount that a vessel is stable in all respects at all times. When cargo is loaded/discharged, the stability is monitored by a computer, which takes into account the weight and position of cargo within the vessel.

STARBOARD - Subject To Enough Merchandise (Availability of Cargo)

STERN - The aft part of a ship

SUB - Subject (to)

SUPERCARGO - Person employed by a ship owner, shipping company, charterer of a ship or shipper of goods to supervise cargo handling operations. Often called a port captain.

SWAD - Salt Water Arrival Draft

SWDD - Salt Water Departure Draft

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