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FAS - Free Alongside Ship. Seller delivers goods to appropriate dock or terminal at port of embarkation and buyer covers costs and risks of loading.

FD - Free of Despatch

FDD - Freight Demurrage Deadfreight

FDIS - Free Discharge

FEU - Forty foot container equivalency unit - Standard 40‘Container

FHEX - Fridays/Holidays Excluded

FHINC - Fridays/Holidays Included

FILO - Free In/Liner Out. Seafreight with which the shipper pays load costs and the carrier pays for discharge Free In/Out. Freight booked FIO includes the seafreight, but no loading/discharging costs, i.e. the charterer pays for cost of loading and discharging cargo.

FIOS - Free In/Out Stowed. As per FIO, but includes stowage costs.

FIOT - Free In/Out and Trimmed. As per FIOS but includes trimming - the leveling of bulk cargoes

FIOSLSD - Free In/Out Stowed, Lashed, Secured and Dunnaged. As per FIO, but includes cost of lashing securing and dunnaging cargo to Masters satisfaction.

FIOST - Free In/Out and Trimmed. Charterer pays for cost of loading/discharging cargo, including stowage and trimming.

FIT - Free In Trimmed

FIW - Free In Wagon

FIXING - Chartering a Vessel

FLT - Full Liner Terms - Shipowner pays to load and discharge the cargo

FMC - Federal Maritime Commission - US government agency

FMS - Fathoms - 6 feet

FO (IFO) - Fuel Oil/Intermediate FO

FOB - Free on Board. Seller sees the goods „over the ship‘s rail“ on to the ship which is arranged and paid for by the buyer

FOFFER - Firm Offer

FOG - For Our Guidance

FOQ - Free On Quay

FOR - Free On Rail

FORCE MAJEURE - Clause limiting responsibilities of the charterers, shippers and receivers due to events beyond their control.

FOT - Free On Truck

FOW (1) - First Open Water

FOW (2) - Free On Wharf

FREE OUT - Free of discharge costs to Owners

FWAD - Fresh Water Departure Draft

FYG - For Your Guidance

FYI - For Your Information

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