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NAABSA - Not Always Afloat But Safe Aground - Provision in a Charter-Party that the charterer has the right to order the ship to a port where she may touch the bottom in safety.

Negligence Clause - Clause in a Bill of Lading or Charter-Party which seeks to relieve the shipowner or carrier of liability for losses caused by the negligence of his servants or agents.

New Jason Clause - Protective clause inserted into a Charter-Party or Bill of Lading which provides that the shipowner is entitled to recover in general average even when the loss is caused by negligent navigation. The need for such a clause arises from the decision of an American court that, while American law exempted a shipowner from liability for loss or damage to cargo resulting from negligent navigation, this did not entitle the shipowner to recover in general average for such a loss.

NOE - Not Otherwise Enumerated - Category in a freight tariff of a shipping line or liner conference which covers commodities not specifically described elsewhere in the tariff.

Nomination - Designation of a specific ship for a particular voyage by a shipowner or shipping line.

Non-Conference Line - See independent line.

Non-Negotiable Bill of Lading - Bill of Lading which is not a signed, original Bill of Lading and which is therefore not capable of being used to transfer title in the goods described in it.

Non-Reversible Laytime - Term used in a voyage Charter-Party to signify that the time allowed to the charterer for loading is to be treated separately from the time allowed for discharging for the purpose of calculating demurrage or despatch.

NOR - Notice of Readiness - Provision in a voyage charter that the shipowner or master must advise the charterer when the ship has arrived and is ready to load or discharge for laytime to start counting. The clause containing this provision often stipulates the particular hours and days when this notice may be tendered and how soon afterwards laytime commences.

NOS – Not Otherwise Specified - See not otherwise enumerated.

Notice of Redelivery - Written notice given by the time charterer to the shipowner giving the date when the ship is to be returned to the shipowner at the end of the period of the charter. Charter-parties often stipulate that several such notices be given at agreed intervals as the date of redelivery approaches.

Notify Party - Party whose name and address appears in a Bill of Lading who is to be notified by the shipping company or its agent of the arrival of the goods at the discharge port. The notify party is often an agent for the receiver of the goods who arranges for their clearance and transport to the receiver's premises. There is normally a box on the Bill of Lading into which the details of the notify party are inserted.

NT - Net Tonnage - The total of all enclosed spaces within a ship available for cargo expressed in tons each of which is equivalent to one hundred cubic feet. This term was previously referred to as NRT.

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