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GA - General Average - Intentional act or sacrifice that is carried out during voyage to preserve the venture from a real peril. The party who has suffered a loss as a result is reimbursed by all the other parties to the marine adventure, each paying a proportion of the amount of the loss according to the value of their interest.

Gless – Gearless Ship - Ship which is not equipped with her own crane(s) or derrick(s). When chartering or scheduling such a ship for a particular voyage, it is necessary to ensure that the loading and discharging ports have shore cranes capable of lifting up to the heaviest piece weight of the ship's cargo.

Gencon - Widely used general purpose voyage Charter-Party published by BIMCO.

General Average Clause - Clause in a Bill of Lading or Charter-Party that stipulates in what country or place and by what rules. often the York-Antwerp Rules, general average is to be adjusted.

GRI - General Rate Increase - Periodic increase to all the base freight rates in the tariff of a liner conference or shipping line.

Grain / Grain Capacity - Total cubic capacity of a ship's holds available for the carriage of grain or any other free-flowing bulk cargo which is capable of filling the space between the ship's frames It is expressed in cubic feet or cubic meters. See corresponding term bale I bale capacity.

Gross Terms - Type of voyage charter in which the shipowner pays for loading and discharging.

Groupage - See consolidation.

Groupage Bill of Lading - Bill of Lading, issued by a carrier to a forwarding agent, sometimes known as a groupage agent or consolidator, which covers consignments from various shippers for the same destination which have been consolidated into one consignment by the forwarding agent. Each shipper receives a house Bill of Lading from the forwarding agent covering his consignment.

GT - Gross Tonnage - The total of all the enclosed spaces within a ship expressed in tons each of which is equivalent to one hundred cubic feet. This term was previously referred to as GRT.

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